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Top 10 Tom Brady Active Ebay Auctions

Yesterday we covered the top 5 Tom Brady football cards sold on Ebay in the last 30 days.  Today we are going to cover the top ACTIVE auctions on Ebay for Tom Brady football cards.  This list makes yesterdays list look like a bunch of common cards with their asking price. Do you think any of them will actually be bought at these prices?

1. 2000 Donruss Elite $1,500,000

Tom Brady

Tom Brady card with a 1.5 million dollar asking price on eBay.

This card is no doubt an ultra rare card with only ten made, this one is numbered 5/10.  This card also recieved a PSA 10 Gem Mint rating.  But the $1.5 mil is a steep asking price.  Originally this card was listed for $2,000,000.

2. 2000 Playoff Contenders Autographed Card BGS 9 $669,000

Tom Brady Card

This one I have to say is probably the most overpriced card on the list.  Yes as an error card it is probably fairly rare, but I just find it hard to believe their is this much demand for the card.  The error is on the front of the card, instead of saying Tom Brady it say Daunte Culpepper.  A cool card, but I would have to say it is on the bottom of my Tom Brady million dollar card wish list.

3. 2000 Playoff Contenders Autographed $669,000

Tom Brady

Versions of this card appear several times towards the top of the list for most expensive asking prices and sold prices for Tom Brady football cards.  This has a BGS rating of nine, which is the highest grade any 2000 Playoff Contenders Auto has received.  A lot of people are watching this auction, but is it worth 10 times the amount a card with a grading 8 just sold for last month on Ebay?

4. 2000 Fleer Ultra Masterpiece $500,000

Tom Brady Rookie Card

This card is truly a one of a kind card.  One back it shows it is card 1 of 1.  You can’t get any more rare than a one of a kind.

5. 2000 Playoff Absolute Players Honors $500,000

Tom Brady Rookie Card

This is one of the few non autographed cards on the list.  This card received a PSA grade of 9, no other card has a higher rating than this one does.  The card is number 7 out of 10, so in terms of rarity it is one of the rarest cards out there.

6. 2000 Rookie Die Cut Crown Royale $500,000

Tom Brady Rookie Card

This is another one of the ultra rare non auto cards on the list.  This one received a PSA rating of 9 which is the highest grade received for this card.  It is number 9 out of 10.


A separate version of this card currently is listed for sale with a $450,000 asking price.  That card is a BGS 9+ rated card.  This particular card is an error card with the serial number missing.



But if you want a deal on this card there is an active listing for just $100,000 for card number 7, but is only earned a PSA 6 rating.  You get what you pay for.

7. 2000 Ultimate Victory Gold $92,000

Tom Brady

This card is a PSA 10 rated card.  This is number 1 out of only 9 made.  The person who has this card for sale actually owns two of this card!

8. 2012 Totally Certified Emerald Autograph $75,000

Tom Brady Autographed Card

This along with the error card listed above are the only two non rookie cards tome the list.  They are also the only cards on the list that are not professionally grade.  This card is numbered 5 out of 5.  What is interesting about this card is it was shipped directly from the manufacture to the cards owner in a sealed case in which it remains.


9. 2000 Bowman Chrome Refractor $74,995

Tom Brady Rookie Card

This card is a beautiful card.  It is not autographed but it earned a PSA 10 rating.  The card is one of only 7 made.



Another PSA 10 rated version of this card is currently listed for $65,000.  The owner of that card notes in the auction listing that a PSA 9 condition card with 50 versions made just sold on eBay for $11,400.

10. 2008 National Treasures Super Bowl Material $50,000

Tom Brady Patch Card

This is probably the coolest card in the bunch if you ask me.  This isn’t a rookie card or an autographed card, but their are only ten of this card in existence.  So what’s so cool about it?  This has a piece of the actual jersey Tom Brady wore in his first Super Bowl embedded in the card.  To me that is pretty cool, and it’s a bargain compared to the rest of the cards on the list.


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