Stan Lee Funko Pop Autographed

Top 10 Most Expensive Funko Pops!

Funko Pop! Has taken the collecting world by storm.  With there vast selection of TV, movie, sports and comic book characters anyone can find their favorite personality in a Pop!.

My kids have Pop! fever often driving all around town looking for exclusive releases at various stores.

Here are the top selling Pop! Figures.

1. Funko Pop Stand Lee Autographed $6,100

Stan Lee Funko Pop Autographed

The most valuable Funko Pop!


Several of the most expensive Pops sold are Stan Lee autographs.  And why not, Stan was a legend and is already deeply missed.


This Pop was a Comikaze exclusive in 2015. The only way to purchase these Pops at the event was to be selected via a raffle.

This is the Silver Platinum version and only ten were made.

2. Disney Clown Dumbo $6,999

Dumbo Pop

When you look at the highest price Pops sold several Dumbo #50 are near the top of the list.  This was sold as a best offer price and eBay doesn't show the dollar amount accepted on a best offer deal, but it does still shows the item as it would rank with the best offer accepted price.  So we know it was under $6100.

This is a Fundays Exclusive from 2013 and limited to just 48 pieces making it a rare and an in-demand item.

3. Ned Stark 2013 $3000

Ned Stark Pop

Limited to only 1008 figures this was one of the first Pops to really make it big as a collector's item.  It was sold at SDCC for $40 when nobody cared about Pops.  This particular figure is AFA graded earning the second highest rating for one of these highly collectible items.

4. Planet Arlia Vegeta $4,999

Planet Arlia Vegeta

This is a Toy Tokyo NYCC Exclusive from 2015.  This is a commonly counterfeited item out of China so be careful if you think you found a deal on one of these.  Its no surprise this is a sought out collectible given the popularity of Dragon Ballz.

5. Animation Super Saiyan 3 Goku $2,932

Dragon Ballz Pop

Here we have another Dragon Ballz Pop, this time its Goku.  This is a Gamestop exclusive and everyone wanted their hands on it but few were so lucky.

6. Nightmare Before Christmas Metallic 3-Pack $2,750

Jack, Sally & Oogie Pop

This three pack contain Jack, Sally and Oogie Boogie.  Limited to only 500 pieces it is no surprise this is one of the most expensive Pops on the list.

7. Notorious B.I.G. Metallic $2,499

Notorious BIG Pop

This was a 2011 Comic Con exclusive.  Personally, this is one my favorite Pops on the list.  

8. Green Lantern SDCC $2,799

Green Lantern Pop

This is another Best Offer sale so it went for slightly less than the price shown.  This SDCC 2010 exclusive is limited to only 240 pieces and it glows in the dark!

9. TMNT Donatello Freddy Funko $2,399

Freddy Funko Pop

This is a 2014 Fundays Exclusive limited to only 24 pieces.  These don't come up for sale all that often but when they do you can bet the price won't be cheap.

10. Batman Freddy Funko $2,499

Batman Freddy Funko

This is a limited edition of only 24 pieces and 2013 Comic Con Exclusive.  It's also twice the size of your typical Pop making this a true collector's item.

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