10 Most Valuable Pokemon Cards

I have to admit, Pokemon cards are not my thing.  I have boxes of them in my office.  One day I plan to sort through them all, I just have not found the time.  All three of my sons played the game since the early days, but each one grew tired of collecting the cards within a few months.  Personally, I found the game somewhat complicated it and preferred to play Monopoly.

But millions of kids (and a lot of grownups) continue to play the game today.  In researching this article I found a lot of lists with a lot of different price values assigned to the cards.  The price estimates varied widely from list to list.  All of these cards are actual sale prices by major auction companies.  Most of these cards are gem mint cards with no imperfections.

Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (13 of 4)1999 1st Edition Halo Charizard $55,650

This card was sold by PWCC in 2017.  This is the most expensive single Pokemon card.  Outside of Pikachu this is the only other Pokemon I can name of the top of my head.

This card was a BGS 10 Gem Mint condition card.  This seems to be one of those random auctions that the buyer went a little over the top.  Cards sold in the months before and after this particular auction sold around the $20,000 range in PSA 10 condition.

This card saw some massive price increases from 2016 until this card was auctioned off.  In November 2016 the card sold for $8,800.  By December it went for $9250.  February 2017 the card was sold for $13,100.  March another card was sold for $16,2000 and by April $18,600.  This may be part of the reason such an inflated price was paid for this card.  The buyer expected the price to keep rising, instead it leveled off around the $20,000 price point.

Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (20 of 13)1999 1st Edition Shadowless Holo Charizard $19,800.77

This is a variation of the first card in the list.  This is the “Shadowless” version.  This card is a BGCS rated 10 Gem Mint condition.  .   This card was sold in July 2017.



Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (16 of 13)2003 Skyridge Charizard #146 $15,000

Sold in February 2018 this gem mint BGCS 10 sold for $15,000!  This is the first card to make the list that is not a 1999 First Edition.





Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (17 of 13)2005 Ex Deoxys Gold Star Holo Rayquaza $8,288

This PSA 10 graded card in the most expensive non Charizard card on the list.  Selling for over $8,000 this is still an insane amount of money to spend on a card.  This is also one of the newer cards to make the list.




Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (14 of 13)1999 Blastoise First Edition $6200

This is another card from the epic 1999 set of cards. The card was sold in 2017 by PWCC. It too was a PSA 10 graded gem mint card. 





Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (19 of 13)1999 Hitmonchan Halo First Edition $5850

This card was sold by PWCC in 2017. Again a PSA 10 rated first edition card.  This card is near the top of the most valuable Pokémon cards. This card is one of only 42 cards grade as a PSA 10 which is a big factor why the price is so high.




Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (18 of 13)1999 Venusaur First Edition $5,500

No surprise here, another 1999 First Edition card graded as a PSA 10. Anyone else seeing a pattern here?  This card was sold by PWCC in 2017. 





Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (21 of 13)2006 Pokémon Ex Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Holo Charizard $5,400

Here we have another Charizard entering the list. This one from 2006 Pokemon Ex.  It is also a PSA graded 10 gem mint card. This one sold at auction in 2018 by PWCC. 




Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (22 of 13)2016 STAFF XY Evolutions Pre-Release Holo Charizard $4,075

This is the newest card to make the list being only about three years old.  It is a PSA 10 Gem Mint graded card.  I could find any information on how many of these were released but I’m assuming not many given the price of this card.




Most Valuable Pokemon Cards (15 of 13)1999 Chansey First Edition $4,047

One of the most beloved characters in the game (so I am told) this gem mint PSA 10 graded card is one of the most expensive Pokemon Cards there is.  This card sold in 2018 by PWCC went for over $4000!

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